Civil Service

Job ID:
ANNOUNCEMENT NO. V22 FY 19-20 Entrance & Promotional

Issue Date:
September 3, 2019

Emergency Management

Application Deadline:
4:00 PM, September 17, 2019

General Statement of Job:
Under limited supervision, performs a variety of administrative support work to executive level management within the Emergency Management Department. Work involves providing varied secretarial and clerical duties involving complex, confidential assignments and situations dealing with the daily operations of the department. Reports to the Director. Works with Assistant Director on grant funded projects as well as reports for auditing and compliance.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities (This is descriptive, not restrictive as to all tasks included in this position):
ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS Reviews and investigates complaints received concerning municipal infrastructure from various entities, i.e., Mayorís office, Council, other City departments, and citizens. Investigates potential work sites to identify potential issues and problems; recommends solutions accordingly. Takes still and video photography per work site prior to project initiation and upon project completion; maintains video library. Inspects all phases of public works contracts and construction projects including streets, curbs, sewers, gutters, storm drains, and taking sample pictures and notes as needed. Coordinates work/project performance between contractors and City departments; reviews problems and issues presented by contractors, engineers, and related entities. May verify quantities and qualities of materials used in the construction of streets, sewers and similar projects. Inspects and reviews plans and specifications for offsite construction driveways, sidewalks, drainage, construction fence, etc.; coordinates for compliance with City of Kenner Municipal Code. Performs inspections of public works contracts, projects, and offsite construction of new tracts. Determines and reports City right-of-ways damage caused by contractors working on private property. Assists Superintendents in the development of plans and specifications for small construction and maintenance projects. Prepares and maintains various reports, records, correspondence, and files; compiles and maintains daily inspection reports; compiles and maintains FEMA documentation as required. Interprets a variety of technical documents and reference materials relevant to assigned projects, i.e., blueprints, project specifications, codes, ordinances, etc. Receives and/or reviews various forms, reports, correspondence, policies, directories, manuals, reference materials, or other documentation; completes, processes, forwards, or retains as appropriate. Prepares and/or processes a variety of documentation associated with department operations, per established procedures and within designated timeframes; reviews various documentation for accuracy and completeness; distributes/issues various documentation. Refers to policy and procedure manuals, computer manuals, codes / laws / regulations, publications and reference texts, etc. Operates a variety of office equipment and machinery such as copy machine, fax machine, desktop computer, printer, etc. Uses a variety of tools such as standard office tools, etc.; a variety of supplies such as general office supplies, etc.; and a variety of computer software such as word processing, spreadsheet, database, accounting, or other programs. Interacts and communicates with various groups and individuals such as other City departments and the general public. ADDITIONAL JOB FUNCTIONS Performs other related duties as required. Essential duty status position, will be required to report to work during emergency situations, including, but not limited to, city-wide declared emergencies

Specific Duties and Responsibilities (This is descriptive, not restrictive as to all tasks included in this position):
ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS Performs varied secretarial and clerical duties involving complex work assignments and situations dealing with the daily operation of the department. Schedules appointments as well as training sessions, working with mutual aid partners and other attendees; inputs and maintains calendar and contacts. Oversees the preparing of payroll for all departmental employees. Handles drafting, posting and updating of OEM social media across various platforms to support functions of ESF5 and ESF15 year-round and during events; creates public awareness campaigns on topics impacting OEM including but not limited to: emergency preparedness and related initiatives, mitigation and recovery updates, FEMA items, community awareness, public safety issues, severe weather, etc. Assists with special projects, including but not limited to GOSHEP and FEMA forms as well as submissions for city, state, and/or federally declared disasters as well as local incidents/events. Drafts miscellaneous correspondence and memorandums. Exercises confidentiality and discretion in processing matters of a sensitive and confidential nature. Assists with answering telephones in the office. Receives and/or reviews various documents such as leave requests, correspondence, electronic mail, requisitions, Personnel Action Forms, contracts, incoming mail and faxes, and miscellaneous reports, etc. Prepares and/or processes various records and reports such as correspondence, electronic mail, payroll, contracts, memorandums, faxes, scans, and document images. Inputs data and prepares reports utilizing spreadsheets, databases and lists. Refers to Statutes, Code of Ordinances, Civil Service rules, purchasing procedures, telephone list directory, contacts, organizational charts, Internet, calendar, City of Kenner handbook, policy and procedure manuals, Standard Operating Guidelines, computer manuals, laws / regulations, publications and reference texts, emergency plans, etc. Operates a variety of office equipment and machinery such as copy machine, postage machine, scanner, typewriter, telephone, scanner, printer, computer, label maker, etc. Uses a variety of tools such as calculator, stapler, laminating machine, date stamp, etc.; a variety of supplies such as file folders, binders, notebooks, general office supplies, etc.; and a variety of computer software such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer, Papervision, Concord, MUNIS, etc. Interacts and communicates with various groups and individuals such as Mayor, Chief Administrative Officer, Deputy Chief Administrative Officer, Council, directors, Personnel Department, Civil Service Department, Finance Department, Mayorís Office staff, Police Department, Fire Department, and the general public. Assist Director and work with Assistant Director with the preparation of necessary documentation to apply for and secure state and federal funds. Assist Director and work with Assistant Director with coordination efforts relating to projects being totally or partially financed with state, federal or other funding sources. Assists the Director with establishing the departmental budget. Assists the Director in departmental procurement activities as well as grant acquisition programs in addition to tracking and reporting functions on a variety of grants programs and/or projects. Assist the Director in departmental inventory activities. Assist the Director and work with Assistant Director in compilation of disaster related documentation and data, including disaster information required for submission of reimbursement request in connection with public assistance programs administered by state and federal agencies. Reviews, screens and responds to or forwards daily correspondence, reports, electronic communications, etc. relating to departmental functions. Corresponds with the Directorís colleagues, co-workers, and other miscellaneous contacts; takes all incoming telephone calls for the Director. Creates agendas under the Directorís supervision, takes minutes, and transcribes information from meetings on various topics. Regularly updates emergency contact lists, position and event specific binders, departmental emergency plans, and other special information maintained by department. Makes copies and inserts/replaces files and materials to ensure incident management team reference and electronic materials are up to date. Assists with preparation of legislation to be submitted to the Council. Assists with the handling of in-person, telephonic and email inquiries or reporting to the department and follow up response or referral to other municipal department. Assists with maintaining controlled access to sensitive areas within facilities operated by the department through visitor registration and operation of access control devices. Assists with scheduling, registering, and greeting / escorting of municipal employees and guests participating in on-line and classroom training utilizing department facilities. ADDITIONAL JOB FUNCTIONS Performs related duties as required. This is an Essential Duty position that requires the employee to report for and remain at work during declared emergencies.

Communication Skills:
Requires the ability of speaking and/or signaling people to convey or exchange information. Includes receiving assignments and/or directions from supervisor.

Physical Requirements:
Must by physically able to operate a variety of office machines and equipment and tools, such as a computer, typewriter, printer, copy machine, facsimile machine, shredder, postage machine, calculator, telephone, etc. May requires physical ability to operate a motor vehicle. Tasks require the ability to exert light physical effort in sedentary to light work, but which may involve some lifting, carrying, pushing, and/or puling of objects and materials of light weights (five to ten pounds). Tasks may involve extended periods of time at a keyboard or workstation.

Mental Involvement:
Requires the ability to apply logical thinking to define problems, collect data, establish facts and draw valid conclusions; to interpret an extensive variety of instructions in oral, written, schedule, mathematical or diagrammatic form; to deal with several abstract and concrete variables. Requires the ability to make independent judgments in the absence of supervisor; to acquire knowledge of topics related to primary occupation. Must have the ability to comprehend and interpret received information and the ability to comprehend and implement basic office machinery functions.

Minimum Training and Experience Qualifications:
Requires an Bachelorís degree from an accredited college or university in Homeland Security, Emergency Management/Response, Public Safety, Emergency and Security studies, Fire Management, or Fire Administration is required, along with previous emergency management employment or a related emergency management internship... Preference may be given to those who are enrolled in or have completed a Masterís degree from an accredited university/college in one of the fields referenced above or who have work with a governmental Emergency Management position..

Interpersonal Relationship Skills:
Requires the ability to deal with people beyond giving and receiving instructions. Must be adaptable to performing under moderate stress when confronted with an emergency or tight deadline. The worker is subject to tension as a regular, consistent part of the job.

Test Required:
Rating of Training and Experience . . . . . . . . . Weighted 100%

Salary Requirements: